5 Best Burger Recipe from Chain Restaurants

Who could resist the delicious juicy and tender taste of burgers? Whoever invented the idea of putting a fat thick patty between two big buns is truly a genius. Besides it’s fast preparation, burgers can be served with lots of vegetables like onions, tomatoes, pickles and other sauces. Burgers don’t need any kitchen utensils to eat, that is why burgers are the most popular food to be made a chain restaurant/fast food franchise.

Here are the 5 Best Burger Recipe from Chain Restaurants in the US, prepare those tissues to contain your saliva as you see the juicy pictures.

5. White Castle Burgers

When you go to White Castle, you can’t just eat one burger, these small square burgers (called SLYDERS) taste so good you could eat 8-10 or them for a meal.  They even made a movie about two non-caucasian college students (Korean and Indian) called “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle”. Unfortunately, this chain is only available in the east coast.

white castle burgers

white castle burgers

4. Jack In The Box (sirloin cheese burger)

No one makes Steak Burgers as good as Jack in the Box, my personal favorite menu : Sirloin Cheese Burger. I mean just look at the look of this burger, it looks so huge, juicy, handsomely fattening and hmm so filling. A perfect burger to eat when you are starving or wanting to celebrate a weight lost or something.
jack in the box sirloin burger

3. Arby’s (roasted beef burger)

Roast beef from Arby’s is a best choice for those of you who feel guilty eating those fattening juicy high calorie burgers. Arby’s offer a healthy burger without having to sacrifice taste and quality. They have a variety of sauce that has unique taste.

arby's burger

arby's burger

2. Wendy’s

Believe it or not, Wendy’s was named BEST BURGER by ZAGAT Survey (zagat survey is one of the world’s leading provider of consumer survey-based leisure content). Unlike other burger chains, Wendy’s use fresh, never frozen, beef and make every hamburger to order right off the grill, just like when Dave Thomas did when he founded Wendy’s in 1969.  As a matter of fact, I tried a Wendy’s burger last weekend and felt really satisfied with my meal..

wendy's burger

wendy's burger

1. In-N-Out

In-N-Out is, in my opinion, the best burger chain in the whole US. Located in the West Coast, you will always see cars lining up thru their drive thru lot. With only 4 simple menu : Hamburger, Cheeseburger, Double-Double and  French Fries, In-N-Out remains to be one of West Coast’s finest attraction. They even have secret menu if you are bored eating with simple menu, just mention secret codes like “I want a FLYING DUTCHMAN” or “gimme the ANIMAL STYLE” or PROTEIN style, and they will do something different with your burger. Like Wendy’s they always use fresh meat and never use frozen ingredients.



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